Why Starting Your Own Business is a Great Idea

Starting your own business is a great idea.
Jobs opportunities seem less available now than years past. It’s also my belief that the whole online job  application process is inefficient   at best. Sliding your resume under the door of a department manager and crossing your fingers may be a better method!

My HR department is flooded with the resumes of applicants with college degrees and student loans unable to find employment.  Perhaps some of these colleges should be put on trial for falsely advertising The American Dream because the reality can be harsh.  All of these issues have significantly affected the flow of currency in the household and epitomizes why you should start your very own business.

Case Study:

Mike had just celebrated his 55th birthday when suddenly, he got a call from the department he’d worked at for 8 years. The company  was relocating offshore. Shockingly this would be his 6th attempt at losing a job due to either downsizing, company acquisition or restructuring. Yet again, Mike was now in the position of having to start applying for jobs. With a wife and two daughters to feed, Mike had to make the decision to secure his future and prevent any future uncertainty from the corporate world. He decided to start his own business.  This scenario echos the experience of many hardworking people and furthers signifies why YOU should start your own business.

Time for Change

Globally and within America, millions of people are abandoning the corporate world to start a business. Many Americans have chosen such a route as a result of increasing job losses, company restructuring or downsizing.  The number can only increase with the realization that job security is becoming more and more rare.

6 Benefits of Entrepreneurship and Why You Should Start Your Own Business

Several years ago, starting your own business was considered a very risky venture, but currently it’s considered just as risky to rely on the corporate world for job security. If managed and nurtured with the right team, a business is now seen as a better option in terms of security in the long run.

Working for yourself, instead of someone else, is the new age of job security.

  1. The Freedom.

People love freedom.

The freedom derived from working for yourself is priceless.  Your time is determined by YOU and the elements of your day, planned by YOU.

  1. The Flexibility

Owning your own business gives you flexibility and the opportunity to explore unlimited possibilities. Whether you are in a big or small city, you can have access to affordable teleconferencing and innovative web tools, which allows you  to run a competitive business from anywhere in America- or the world.

  1. You Make More Money

You stand a greater chance of making more money with your    own business than when you work for someone else.  Many aspire to The American Dream but Jeffery Gitomer, author of best-selling book, Little Red Book of Selling says, it is “The American Reality” and that working for yourself allows you to write your own history, own success and future.

  1. Greater Impact.

In a recent study by Decipher, about 85 percent of the respondents stated, if they owned the business that employed them, they’d be more passionate about their duties.

This speaks volumes.

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