Marketing solutions pinned to a whiteboardAs a provider, you get to wear many hats and marketing is just one of them.  Marketing a personal care business is not an option but a necessity and its importance cannot be stressed enough.  It affects sales as well as the company’s productivity. Just think about it, if no one knows your business exists or what services you offer, how will customers even know to call or approach your business?  Empty beds in a personal care home and just a few clients to care for in your home care agency will not pay the bills.

Adopt our unique and effective marketing strategies and you will increase your chances of attracting potential customers and increase your return on investment significantly.

When it comes to marketing a personal care business THB has just the right solutions to help you reach hundreds and even thousands of potential clients in just a short period of time. Neglect the marketing, and potential clients will not hear about your brand or what you offer. It’s that simple! Many of our clients have taken our marketing course, applied the concepts and have done very well as a result.

Marketing a personal care business is crucial to success!

Whether you are a start-up or run an already established personal care business, marketing is one of the most important areas to focus on if you want to succeed. But why is it that important to you? Do you have a chance of making it work without adopting marketing strategies? How does marketing add value to your business? Whether a home or companion care, adult or children program – attrition of clients and patients is a reality in this industry. Your marketing efforts must be specific, intense and should target a particular local. Your marketing efforts should be consistent with wanting your phone to be ringing constantly with new client enquiries!

Our marketing options are designed to help give your business an opportunity to succeed by helping you get in front of the competition and your customer base.

Consider the following solutions:

  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Stationary
  • Content origination
  • Commercial production
  • Web site design
  • Web hosting
  • Internet marketing
  • Social media set-up
  • Local cable channels
  • On and off page SEO
  • Marketing a group home (Skype training)
  • Marketing a home care agency (Skype training)


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