Marketing a Personal Care Business.

Marketing a personal care business is not an option but rather, a necessity. In fact, the importance of marketing cannot be overemphasized.As CEO of The Business Hub (TBH), I strongly recommendgetting a very good marketing plan in place early on in your business development process.  It affects company sales as well as its productivity. Just think about it, if no one knows your business exist or what services you offer, then how would customers even know how to call you or come to your business?  They need to be aware of your existence. Adopt effective marketing strategies, and you will attract potential customers, thereby increasing your return on investment significantly. Neglect marketing, and none of your potential clients would know about your brand or what you offer. It’s that simple!

I actually know providers that put a lot of money into starting their business and neglected the marketing aspect of their business.  It was not long before they realized what we had been telling them for over a year.  They quickly hurried to design and launched a marketing approach to get that phone to ring.  One good thing isthat itwasn’t too late.  Other clients that have taken our advice and marketing course – applied the concepts and have done really well at marketing their personal care business.

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Whether you are starting up or already operating an established personal care business, marketing is an essential area to focus on, if you want to succeed. Butwhy is that important to you? Do you think you have a chance of making it out there without adopting marketing strategies? How does marketing add value to your business? Frankly, I will say you will not be able to survive without it. Whether, home or companion care, adult or children program – attrition and matriculation of clients and patients is a reality in this industry.

Why marketing is critical fora personal care business:

Make your brand a household name

This will certainly be hard to do; however, for your business to succeed, there’s no doubt that your services must be known out there and must offer something that other personal care businesses don’t. Ask yourself;What’s unique about your home or companion care agency?  Does your personal care home offer transportation?Do you specialize in caring for the medically or memory fragile populations?  Hint, hint!  Do you have scheduled outings or is my Mom just going to be sitting at home and staring at a television set all day? Your business must stand out and you must do what’s necessary, to make others aware of your company and to remember you. There’s no other way you can achieve success in this area other than adopting effective marketing strategies. This way, you will create service and awareness which will expose your brand to potential customers. Without it, no one may ever discover you, except a few people in your community. To achieve maximum progress and success, go ahead and promote your business like your life depends on it, let people know who you are and what you have to offer.



Increasing client and residents

Once your brand name is out there and people know about you and what you have to offer, you will begin to see potential customers contacting you to learn more about your services. At this point, you have the opportunity to convert them into sales. If you want to increase your sales percentage as well as production, your marketing department has to perform and deliver working marketing strategiesona a consistent basis. We use non-conventional marketing strategies for our clients and they work! For example, one client of ours followed our advice and advertised their business in the obituary section of a local circular.  She has consistently received 20 calls per week from that method alone.

Learn your metrics

Whether you want to market a bakery, a supplement store, or a software company, learning your metrics is critical to keeping your business profitable. Look at it this way: if you are able to know exactly how much the average customer or client is worth, you will have an idea of how much you can spend to acquire a new sale. This allows you to sufficiently optimize your bids, especially if using platforms like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Bing, Twitter, Yelp, Banners, Flyers and Word of Mouth etc. Each having an associated cost for doing business and each very relevant in today’s business arena.With these marketing medium and some othersthat we will discuss during your consultation, you are also able to optimize your prices and market, while keeping your services at perfect profit margin.  Of course,a margin you can afford.

Reputation matters

Do you know that the success of your business is largely dependent on your reputation? Do you know that good news travels fast and bad news even faster?  That’s right. Marketing builds the name of your brand in the market, helping you maintain your reputation. However, bad business practices and horrible customer service can burn your business down in the community.  This is the reason why big companies agree to spend thousands, if not millionsof dollars in marketing. They just want to maintain their reputation out there, educating, inform and make customers aware of their existence in order to maintain and boost their bottom line.

Competition is not a bad thing

It’s a competitive world out there. Whatever personal care business you are doing, chances are that there are hundreds of similar ones that are there to compete with you. You will want to be ahead of them by reaching more customers. Marketing fosters healthy competition, where businesses look on getting a word out about their services as well as their pricing. If they utilize the right marketing strategies, they will reach not just potential customers but also companies competing with them. This also keeps pricing competitive since every business wants to win more customers than others. Small businesses and large enterprises have a chance to grow in a fair marketplace.  But guess what? This is not a fair marketplace for personal care businesses.  People are out there literally buying clients  andpatients to live in their homes or to be serviced by their home or companion care agency.  This is wrong on all levels however, again – it is another one of those harsh realities of this billion dollar plus a year industry. Some people out here are just that seriously aggressive!


Consumer trust is key

Look at it this way: Do you trust your friend or a complete stranger more? This is also the case with businesses. The better a company becomes known, the more people tend to trust it. The more consumers trust it, the more likely everyone will purchase that service. It is wise that you adopt marketing strategies and start early enough in order to build a long-lasting relationship with your consumers. They will respond positively by trusting you and purchasing your product or services. That’s what you are in business for, right?  In the personal care business arena, the opportunity to build trust is plentiful, but keep in mind when it comes to caring for peoples’ loved ones, that window of opportunity is narrow.  Therefore, things such as staffing issues, wandering, falls, quality of the home, hygiene/grooming of the client and the likes, must be well managed or that feeling of trust they have will begin to dwindle and possibly disappear.  If you take nothing from this, just know that family members are watching, even when you think they aren’t.

Word of mouth, an excellent referral source

Marketing does not only help you expose your business and win potential customers, it also helps you get referrals from consumers who are satisfied with you. To achieve this, all you need to do is make all your customers happy and address all their concerns. Sounds easy? Not at all.  They will spread your name with pleasure on social sites and write good reviews about your business, which in turn attracts more people.  A potential client called us justa few days ago, stated she saw us on Twitter and would be scheduling a consultation this week.  Clients always tell us that they read our reviews and decided to contact us because they were positive.

As a business owner, one of your goals is to expand and achieve more clients for your home care agency, residents for your personal care home or adult day program, right?  Without marketing, this may seem like a pipe dream. Marketing is an integral part of a personal care business, as it helps it get the required awareness out to attract more customers. If you want to build a powerful brand with your personal care business, you must adopt effective marketing strategies. Only then, will your efforts come to light and that phone will begin to ring with prospects.

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